Professional Ethics for CPAs (IN PERSON)

Professional Ethics for CPAs (IN PERSON)
PD22231431- IN PERSON

Focusing on professional ethics for CPAs in Canada, this seminar considers ethical theory, the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, and a selection of themes from various disciplinary case in the Canadian context. We will discuss ethical decision-making frameworks, including the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, and how CPAs can contribute to maintaining the reputation of the profession and, ultimately, the public's trust.


This training session will include theory, case studies, and discussion; allowing participants to share their knowledge and experience as we explore some of the specific ethical challenges that may be encountered within the accountancy profession.


1. Understand Ethics vs. Morals and their relationship to the CPA Code of Professional Conduct and CPA values. 
2. Explore contextual pressures that may be experienced by CPAs. 

3. Consider various select disciplinary case themes and the lessons they may offer. 
4. Understand the importance of using an ethical decision-making framework. 
5. Apply an ethical decision-making framework to hypothetical case scenarios. 

Course Leader:
Maureen Gillis, CPA, CA

CPD- 4 Hours

11/16/2022 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM