Ethics and Well-being (IN PERSON)

Ethics and Well-being (IN PERSON)
PD22231481- IN PERSON

Generally, we understand that unethical behavior damages the reputation of both the organization and the perpetrator.  Did you know that the negative impact of unethical behavior extends beyond the perpetrator, the organization, and the victim?  The evidence is clear; unethical behavior is harmful to the wellbeing of people who have been exposed to it.

This course invites participants to consider not only how unethical behavior impacts an organizations and organizational culture, but also more specifically how unethical behavior impacts the wellbeing of people.  To this end, we will explore the prevalence of unethical behavior in organizations, the impacts on personal wellbeing, challenges that may allow unethical behavior to persist, and strategies that individuals and organizations might use when they encounter unethical behavior or that they may use to support ethical behavior and wellbeing.


  • Understand what research and various studies indicate about the various kinds of unethical behavior that occur in organizations and the impact on individual wellbeing.
  • Consider strategies that individuals and leaders might use to ensure unethical behavior is identified and addressed by the organization while protecting the reporters.
  • Identify strategies to support an ethics-based culture.
  • Explore related concepts such as Bystander Effect, Psychological Safety, and Speak Up Culture.

This session is intended for anyone interested in supporting ethical cultures and wellbeing.

Course Leader/s
Maureen Gillis, CPA, CA

CPD- 4.0 Hours

11/17/2022 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM