Ethics- Lies, Alternative Facts, & Professional Skepticism

Ethics- Lies, Alternative Facts, & Professional Skepticism
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Level - Intermediate

When you read a headline online that says “Insanity: The Word ‘Man’ Is Banned at Princeton University,” do you immediately think “That goes too far!”? Or is your first reaction “Really? That sounds like an author writing a sensational headline to generate traffic to their article.”?

As professionals, our clients and the public in general count on us to be the “voice of reason” and to show a healthy amount of skepticism. In fact, professional skepticism is one of the key underlying competencies supporting our ability to meet our ethical requirements. This session explores the ways in which information is created and presented to influence our perception and decision-making.


The goal for this session is to explore risk areas where information and messages can be presented to deceive us, and how we can fool ourselves as a result of our own implicit biases. Just as importantly, the course examines how professional skepticism fits into our obligations as CPAs within the Code of Professional Conduct, primarily by supporting the requirements for objectivity, due care and professional competence.

Throughout the course, we will examine actual stories, and hear examples of messaging that illustrate these risks and biases. After working through the course, you should have a better understanding of common pitfalls that threaten decision-making, and have some additional tools to better meet those ethical obligations under the Code.

Professionals in any role who are interested in improving their ability to demonstrate professional judgement and skepticism, in the workplace and as consumers. 

Price:  Member - $110, Non-Member $110
Passport: NOT VALID
CPD Hours: 2 (Ethics)
4/1/2021 - 3/31/2022