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Level - Introductory

Organizations with strong ethics-based cultures are significantly less prone to misconduct. Driving the right culture is part of our professional responsibility, and is key to organizational success, but culture can be elusive and dynamic. In this course, you will hear typical scenarios that take place at the boardroom table and less formal conversations that happen in the hallways. We will also hear thoughts on building and maintaining an ethics-based culture from respected colleagues and experts in the field.

Through these scenarios and interviews, we’ll explore promoting culture through examining typical conversations that go on at the board table and in day-to-day operations throughout the organization.

This course includes a quiz with 5 multiple choice questions for each hour of learning and a completion certificate once all modules and quizzes are completed.


Conversations in the boardroom will examine issues facing those charged with governance, including:

Managing the tone at the top

The benefits of diversity in the boardroom

The threat of unconscious bias

Learning from the experience of others.

Conversations in the hallway explores the challenges of building an ethics-based culture through day-to-day activities and includes:

Ethical leadership at all levels

The importance of the “mood in the middle”

Making talk about ethics the norm

Promoting and rewarding ethical decisions.


CPD Hours: 2.5
4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM