Talent Magnet: Employee Retention

Talent Magnet: Employee Retention
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Level - Intermediate/Senior

This course provides managers with unique insights and tools to more effectively find, attract, develop, and retain high value employees. In the face of the Great Resignation and the difficulty of finding and keeping valuable contributors, this program will provide leaders with the strategies they need to maintain stable high performing teams.  

Join us as we follow and listen in on conversations between Tim and his team at Alliance Resources as they  experience challenges and triumphs in attracting, developing and retaining a diverse and talented team. 
Included are interviews from industry experts and respected thought-leadership authors on their insights into these challenging topics.

Unlike other more academic programs, this course focuses on practical and easy to use approaches that work with all employees in any industry. Also included are points about how to apply these principles personally for a happier and more fulfilling life and relationships.


•   Define a growth mindset, and why it is important to employee retention
•   Define your job as someone who helps your team members succeed
•   Understand the traditional definition of high-value performers and its limitations 
•   Recognize and eliminate bias when defining and identifying top talent
•   How to work more effectively with HR recruiters to attract and hire more high-value employees
•   Find better candidates by taking a more active role YOURSELF in attracting top talent
•   Recognize why to avoid a "Hiring for Fit" mentality

•   Recognize the tangible benefits of building a diverse team
•   Identify why advancing employees’ careers is of critical importance
•   Learn three keys to advancing careers and how they apply to your team
•   Identify pitfalls to avoid when helping an employee advance their career
•   Understand the importance of identifying and developing internal talent
•   Apply three important key behaviors to help your people to succeed and stay in their jobs
•   Learn why it's important to help employees feel connected at work, and how to build connection
•   Learn the importance and benefits of an employee having a strong sense of purpose
•   How to leverage a sense of purpose to retain high-value employees
Learn the value scale and how to help employees stay engaged
•   Apply three guideposts that enable you as the manager to help employees to feel valued

CPD Hours: 3
4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM