CPA Professional Code of Conduct

CPA Professional Code of Conduct
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This course examines the contents of the CPA Professional Code of Conduct. A practical hands-on approach is taken to identify key components and guidance provided by the Profession. The role of the CPA bodies and how they can assist members in navigating and interpreting the Code is also examined. The course will walk members through how to understand the requirements of the Code, put things into context, and provide guidance on how to apply the Code in real business situations.

This course is designed for all those who would like to practice principled decision-making in the face of increasingly challenging situations. This should result in personal growth and career development, reduce the risk of unethical behavior and improve overall performance.

CPA’s role in a capitalistic society
How the Code protects the public interest
Format, logical structure and contents of the Code
Guidance on the most significant matters
Enforcement by Canadian provincial bodies
Practical guidance on what CPA members can do

CPD- 1 Hour 

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM