Preventing Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace

Preventing Unethical Behaviour in the Workplace
UltimQuest Knowledge aims to provide practical and hands-on training to create ethics and governance champions in the corporate, public, and not-for-profit sectors.  The courses are designed to share years of knowledge, experience and business acumen through case studies and real-world examples. Courses are designed to be highly interactive and engaging.

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This course focuses on the responsibilities of managers and directors in creating an ethical business environment. Members will learn how to identify threats and danger signs that are putting their organizations at risk, and implement ethical safeguards successfully. This course is designed for those who want to be more effective in discharging their ethical responsibilities, including promoting an ethical workplace culture and preventing ethical breaches at work.

State of ethics in Canadian businesses 
The director’s and management’s responsibilities for ethical behaviour
High risk behaviours of employees
Threats and danger signs
Indicators of widespread ethical misconduct
Ethical risk analysis
Practical guidance on improving corporate culture
Implementation of safeguards across the organization

CPD- 1 Hour 

4/1/2022 - 3/31/2023 11:59 PM