Back to the Sea Society
Director at Large, Volunteer Role Description

The current Board of the Back to the Sea Society is seeking local citizens with a passion for 
community and marine education to join a volunteer team that leads the direction, oversight, 
governance, fundraising, and growth of the Back to the Sea Aquarium and all other related projects.

The Back to the Sea Society is a non-profit organization and registered charity. Its mission is to 
spark curiosity for local marine life and foster a sense of responsibility for the conservation of 
our ocean. This is accomplished through live animal displays, interpretation, direct action and 
inquiry based learning.

In conjunction with the Executive Director, the Board of Directors will oversee the organizational 
leadership necessary to establish a successful collect-hold-and-release “community aquarium”. This 
model has been tried-and-tested in five locations (4 in BC and 1 in Nl) as well as with the Touch 
Tank Hut ran by Back to the Sea. This pilot project will open for its 4th season in summer 2020 
while we continue to work towards opening the permanent Back to the Sea Aquarium. The goal for this 
future establishment is to break ground in 2023, however Board members must remain flexible and 
foresee that this date may change.

As our team works together to establish the Back to the Sea Aquarium, all members will be 
contributing to a working board. That is to say, all Directors must be ready to take on the duel 
responsibility of governance and operations.

Responsibilities  of  all  volunteer  Directors  of  the  Back  to  the  Sea  Aquarium  include:
➢➢    Ensuring the mission and vision of the Back to the Sea Society is upheld throughout all 
➢➢    Ensure the sound financial well being of the society
➢➢    Help plan, forecast and monitor the Society’s budget
➢➢    Work directly with the Executive Director of the organization in the execution of its mission
➢➢    Promote the Society’s mission at all possible and appropriate opportunities
➢➢    Participate in major fundraising initiatives, foster fundraising relationships and draw on 
networks to support fundraising efforts when possible
➢➢    Attend Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting each year
➢➢    Creatively seek opportunities for partnerships with businesses, government, other non-profits 
and citizens
➢➢    Maintain clear communication through regular reporting via email, telecommunications and at 
➢➢    Support events and operations
➢➢    Support the strategic plan creation
➢➢    Ensure Board succession planning

Board  Norms
➢➢    Passionate about our ocean’s future
➢➢    Prone to fun and play at work
➢➢    Supportive of the collect-hold-and-release philosophy
➢➢    Supportive of the strong focus on hands-on, inquiry based learning
➢➢    Promotes an inclusive environment that encourages bright ideas and action
➢➢    Dedicated, hard workers with fulfilling lives
➢➢    Transparent, respectful and professional communications

➢➢    Two year term, renewable
➢➢    Weekly email communications and 48-hour response times from all board members
➢➢    Approximately 1-3 hours per week should be expected for board duties depending on season, 
events and cycles. Leading up to the opening, 3-6 hours can be expected.
➢➢    Attendance at all monthly meetings (in person or via phone/skype).
o  Meetings are currently held on the third Monday of every month but the schedule is subject to 
change (see schedule below).
➢➢    Attendance at all important major events, such as opening day and fundraisers.

Thank you for your interest in the Back to the Sea Society. To show your enthusiasm and commitment 
to joining the Back to the Sea Society Board of Directors, please send your resume and a letter of 
intent outlining your interest in joining, skills you wish to apply or build while serving, and 
your time availability.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Please send application to:

Magali Grégoire,
Founder and Executive Director
(902) 817-2007

 2020  Board  Meeting  Schedule: 
All meetings run from 7-9pm and take place in Dowtown Dartmouth.
April 20
June 22
September 21
October 19
November 23
December 14