Request for Members Glooscap First Nation
Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
November 2020

Glooscap First Nation is currently seeking representation from the local community to sit on the Glooscap First Nation Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. (GFN FAR) This is not a decision-making body but instead plays an advisory role, making recommendations to Chief and Council to maintain the financial health of Glooscap First Nation.

About Glooscap First Nation:
Glooscap First Nation is a small progressive First Nation community located just outside Hantsport, Nova Scotia. In 2019 Glooscap First Nation was the 26th First Nation community in Canada and the 2nd in Atlantic Canada to achieve Financial Systems Certification (FSC) through the First Nations Financial Management Board. (FNFMB) Glooscap First Nation takes the responsibilities of this Certification seriously and aims to maintain financial health and accountability.

Where: Meetings are held at Glooscap First Nation, Hantsport NS generally on a Friday morning but this is subject to availability. Due to COVID-19, meetings are now taking place via Zoom or teleconference.
When: The Glooscap First Nation Finance, Audit and Risk Committee meets 5-6 times per year for regular meetings. As situations arise (audit season) there may be committee meetings called to address specific issues.
Who: The Glooscap First Nation Finance, Audit and Risk Committee is seeking membership from the finance industry (accounting, banking, etc.) to assist the Chief and Council in making informed decisions on finance that are in the best interest of Glooscap First Nation and its membership.
What: As a member of the Committee you will be responsible for reviewing the Quarterly Consolidated Financial Statements, Fraud Risk Assessments, Long Term Debt Proposals etc. You must have financial literacy to sit on the committee.
Why: Assist a small, progressive First Nation community to grow and prosper.
Responsibility of Committee Members as per the Terms of Reference
• Preparing for meetings by reading reports and background materials prepared for each meeting and acquiring adequate information necessary for decision making;
• Actively participating in the Committee’s deliberations;
• Attending all scheduled Committee meetings subject to reasonable exceptions acceptable to the Chairperson;  
• Becoming knowledgeable of the Committee functions and statutory responsibilities under Glooscap First Nation’s Financial Administration Law;
• Maintaining direct, open and frank communications with management, the Committee, the Auditor and other advisors as appropriate;
• Ensuring that they have the minimum level of financial competency necessary to fulfill their responsibilities;
• Ensuring that they maintain their Independence as required in Glooscap First Nation’s Financial Administration Law;
• Avoiding conflicts of interests and complying with conflict of interest policies and procedures established by Council and described in the Financial Administration Law;
• Making recommendations to Chief and Council on finance and policy matters.

If you would like to be a part of the Glooscap First Nation Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, please send a letter of interest outlining why you would like to become a member as well as your experience in the finance industry. (education and experience) Please forward your letter of interest to Amanda Peters, Director of Policy and Planning. Letters of interest can be dropped off or mailed to the Glooscap First Nation Administration Offices at 159 Smith Rd, Hantsport, NS B0P 1P0 or emailed to Due to COVID-19, we prefer email.