The Dartmouth Volleyball Club (DVC) is currently seeking a volunteer Director of Finance to provide support and oversight to the financial affairs of the Club. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact:  Ms. Donna Gillespie at

Further information about the DVC can be found at

Activities of the volunteer Director of Finance include:

 JOB TITLE: Director of Finance



To ensure that a financial management and reporting system is in place and operable so the club Board of Directors has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the club at all times.



● Prepare budget, in consultation with the Board of Directors to reflect income and expenditure

of the club for presentation at the first meeting of the year.

● Ensure the club does not exceed authority ceilings for financial expenditure

● Attend to general banking activities.

● Maintain accurate records of income and expenditure.

● Report to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

● Present all accounts for payment for approval.

● Collect registrations fees from members.

● Make details of all accounts available to the Board of Directors

● Organise collection of funds from various events for banking.

● Ensure all taxation commitments are met by the club.

● Ensure the club finances are appropriately audited.

● Prepare annual financial accounts for auditing and provide the auditor with necessary


● Report activities of the portfolio to the membership at the AGM.

● Be one of several signatories – two on each club cheque.

● Monitor sponsorship funds.

● Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings.

● Liaise with Volleyball Nova Scotia regarding financial payment system.

● Attend VNS financial training session as required.



● Reports to the President and Board of Directors.

● Liaise with all members of the Club with financial responsibility.

● Liaise with external creditors and debtors.



● The Director of Finance is accountable to the President and Board of Directors

● The Director of Finance shall seek ratification from the Board of Directors of a club budget,

including debt reduction and there after shall have the authority to act within the limits of the

budget and strategy approved.

● The Director of Finance shall provide a monthly report to the Board of Directors of all financial transactions.



The estimated time commitment required as the Director of Finance is up to 8 hours per week at

the beginning of the season (December / January) and 2-3 hours per week during the season (January – May); then about 1-2 hours off season months.



● Enthusiastic and well organised.

● Ability to keep sound records.

● Ability to allocate regular time periods to maintain the records.

● Diligent with receipts and money.

● Ability to work in a logical and orderly manner.

● Willing to learn new skills if necessary.

● Dedicated club person.

● Honest and trustworthy.



● Financial accounting experience.

● Negotiating skills.

● Computer skills.