2 Crows Brewing Company - Turning a Dream into a Brewery

How one Nova Scotia accountant's dream of owning his own business turned into a thriving brewery, even during a pandemic.

Nova Scotia CPA Mark Huizink had a dream of owning his own business, he just wasn't sure what that business would be. What he did know was that a Chartered Professional Accounting designation would give him the knowledge and financial acumen to assist him in launching one.

2 Crows Brewing Company was created in 2016, and is the product of Mark and his wife Kelly, as well as brewer Jeremy Taylor.

"The name of the brewery originates from a nursery rhyme," explains Mark. "My wife Kelly knew it as 'one crow sorrow, two crows joy.' While one crow is bad luck, you need to stop and look for the second crow, which is said to bring good luck. As we were starting the brewery, we encountered our fair share of issues, but when we took the time to examine the whole situation, we could stay positive and look for the opportunities, or the second crow."

Starting a new business and successfully working through a pandemic is no small feat, but Mark worked hard to define what the profession could do for his business. "We are the future of the profession, and we get to decide what it looks like," says Mark. "We can adapt the profession to match our spot on the horizon."

Owning a brewery leads to some tough negotiation situations, beer contracts being one of them, and Mark has been thankful for his CPA designation. "When people know you're a CPA it changes the tone of the meeting," says Mark. "The designation gets you the respect that you've worked so hard to earn."

When asked what advice he would give to CPAs starting their careers, Mark advises, "remember your own reasons for why you chose to become a CPA, and define your own success."